Reduced ovarian reserve and Low AMH

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Reduced ovarian reserve and Low AMH

Reduced ovarian reserve can be treated successfully with Neo Fertility.

AMH levels are commonly measured in fertility clinics to assess ovarian reserve and give an indication of female fertility potential. AMH is produced by the small antral follicles in the ovary. Low AMH is a condition where the number of antral follicles have diminished. This is especially relevant for IVF clinics as generally IVF clinics aim to produce 8 to 12 follicles to obtain as many “good quality” embryos as possible. With a low AMH, the possibility of producing multiple eggs for an IVF cycle are reduced, making success less likely. If you produce a small number of eggs, it is less likely you will have enough good quality embryos to transfer, giving lower success rates in an IVF cycle.


Historically, antral follicles were counted during ultrasound scanning to give an indication of the ovarian reserve. In recent times a blood test for AMH is now widely used to determine a woman’s egg reserve. AMH levels are constant throughout the cycle, they do however decrease with age.

With Neo Fertility we need just one follicle and one egg per cycle for natural conception to occur. Because of our lower egg requirement we are able to achieve success with couples who have low AMH levels even those who were advised that were not suitable  for IVF because of their low AMH. We have had success with couples even in cases where donor eggs were advised or previously used unsuccessfully. Our approach with Neo Fertility is to normal-stimulate your cycle producing one good egg per cycle with the aim of achieving natural conception. We monitor your treatment using ultrasound follicle tracking and monthly timed blood tests.


The lowest AMH blood result we have achieved success with was for a 36year old woman with 6 years of infertility who never conceived previously – her AMH was only 0.07pmol/l (0.009 ng/dl) and her FSH was 42iu/l. She conceived on her first cycle of treatment with our clinic and delivered a 9lb baby boy at full term with our treatment.


A powerpoint presentation on Low AMH is available here, with one personal story here.

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