Fertility treatment age 40-plus

Fertility treatment age 40-plus

What about Fertility treatment age 40-plus ? It is well known that fertility declines with advancing female age.


Neo Fertility has a specific treatment strategy for both men and women at 40-plus. This is helpful whether you have a history of infertility, recurrent miscarriage or you have just started trying to conceive.  We assess your fertility charting pattern, test the quality of ovulation based on timed blood tests for progesterone and oestradiol and prescribe whatever treatment is deemed necessary. The goal is to optimise your preconception environment and hopefully reduce the risk of infertility, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy and premature delivery.


There is a “genetic clock” built into our DNA which causes us to age. At 40 both male and female fertility potential is reduced compared to age 20. So far, we cannot influence this genetic ageing effect, but we can positively influence other aspects of ageing and possibly improve pregnancy outcomes as a result. With Neo Fertility we “Normal-stimulate” the follicle, provide hormone support to the luteal phase of the cycle and provide hormone support during the early stages of pregnancy. In addition we address diet, nutrition, supplements and lifestyle factors which all have an impact on your health and fertility.

This graph  shows declining live birth rates with advancing female age. It compares the declining live birth rates in the general population compared to IVF live birth rates at the same age. Data for the red bars are known and the orange bars are extrapolated. The blue bars are the most recent live birth data from HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority) UK in 2014. The graph compares one year of trying to conceive naturally with one round of IVF at the same age. You can see that in the general population live birth rates are significantly higher for every age group in the general population compared to the IVF group... but natural conception can take longer.


With Neo Fertility we aim to achieve the optimal potential available for each age group through our multifactorial treatment approach. When optimal cycles are achieved it is important to continue treatment for 12 effective cycles to ensure you have given yourself the best chance to conceive naturally.


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