This is when the lining of the womb is found in an abnormal location such as in the pelvis, ovaries, ligaments and bowel.


Each cycle when menstruation begins, tissues in these locations become inflamed causing pain, altered bowel habit (constipation or diarrhoea) and possibly pain with intercourse. Commonly endometriosis can be present and cause no obvious symptoms other than fertility problems. It may be mild, moderate or severe – depending on how extensive it has spread. Inflammatory fluid in the pelvis makes conception more difficult and miscarriage more likely. The only way to know for sure that endometriosis is contributing to subfertility is by laparoscopy under general anaesthetic with a skilled gynaecologist. Excision of the endometriotic lesions seems to be more effective than diathermy or laser ablation with a lower chance of recurrence.

Surgical treatment of endometriosis has been shown to improve the chance of conception and reduce the risk of miscarriage. See here.


Every patient diagnosed with Endometriosis in our programme is advised to take Low dose Naltrexone, supplements with vitamin D3, omega 3 and our dietary strategy to improve clinical well-being and optimise fertility.


Clinically, symptoms improve with treatment. Surgical intervention is the most effective treatment but symptom relief is enhanced with additional medical treatments.


See case report here.


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