Recurrent Miscarriage

Recurrent Miscarriage

Recurrent miscarriage can cause a significant amount of heartache and distress for many couples.  Medically this condition is defined when a couple have had three or more consecutive miscarriages. There are multiple factors that may cause miscarriage but often the cause of recurrent miscarriage is not identified.


At Neo Fertility we look at 13 factors that can increase your risk of miscarriage. We have the ability to identify couples who are at risk of miscarriage even before the first miscarriage occurs. A review of our data from 2010 showed 80% of couples had successful pregnancies with a history of 3+ miscarriages. An abstract of our data is available here.


Couples with a history of eight to nine previous miscarriages have now had successful pregnancies using this system, but unfortunately it does not work for everybody. In most instances it is certainly worth a try. Treatment with Neo Fertility is safe and minimally invasive, with a low incidence of twins, premature births or low birth weight.  This is important to minimise health risks for babies conceived in our programme.


Our approach is to find the cause(s) of miscarriage and provide treatment before conceiving again. When the cycle is balanced and functioning optimally the couple are advised to conceive while taking the recommended treatment.


By charting your fertility cycle and getting timed blood tests, we identifiy biomarkers that increase the risk of miscarriage. These include unusual bleeding patterns, short luteal phase and limited cervical mucus flow or if premenstrual symptoms persist for longer than four days.

In some cases we recommend further surgical evaluation of the woman’s uterus (womb). Endometriosis can be a significant cause of recurrent miscarriage. In many cases this can be silent or symptom-free endometriosis.


We look at the possibility of a chronic low grade infection and treat this if appropriate.

We send additional blood tests including for Natural killer cells, food antibodies, chromosomal or blood clotting abnormalities. Endorphin deficiency can also increase your risk of miscarriage. If we identify problems in any of these areas we commence treatment to correct these abnormalities.


Environmental and lifestyle factors are often very significant contributors to miscarriage.  In particular excessive alcohol and cigarette smoking together with a busy stressful working environment or other lifestyle stress may be the primary reasons why the couple are having miscarriages.


Once the couple conceive we monitor pregnancy closely and provide pregnancy hormonal support. Dietary changes initiated while trying to conceive are important to maintain throughout the pregnancy to decrease the risk of miscarriage.


If a couple miscarry on their first attempt with us, it is medically worthwhile trying another time.  We often modify treatment further for subsequent attempts that may improve the chances of success.

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