Success after two failed IVFs

Success after two failed IVFs


Baby Ted was conceived after 4 months, having tried to conceive for 4 years previously , 2 failed IVF attempts and two failed IUI attempts


Ted was born on Christmas Eve .  Myself and my Husband started trying for a baby on the 30th of December 4 years ago. After trying for a baby for a year I got checked to see what the problem might be. All in all we were trying for four years. We tried a lot of different things from IUI which we tried twice. After that we tried artificial reproduction and sadly we had 2 failed IVF attempts. After all that I decided to take a break. My body had been through a lot and I was exhausted. The expense of all the treatments had also take its toll. A short time after I spoke to a friend of mine who had tried a different approach with a clinic in Sandyford and, even though I wasn’t feeling hopeful after all the other failed attempts, something in my heart said give it a try. From the first time I went to my appointment I felt a new lease of life as if it was a new beginning because I felt like someone was actually listening to me and investigating. I feel that  IVF kind of goes around problems where with Dr. Boyle's practice my Doctor aimed to try to find the problem, deal with it  and resolve it then we can and then move onto the next step of trying to get pregnant.


From just our initial conversation he was quite sure I had endometriosis. Through all my different treatments this was the first time something like this came up. I was referred to an excellent surgeon who conducted a laparoscopy and they found stage 3 endometriosis. I had an operation to remove it.  After this I went back to Dr. Boyle and after almost four years of trying, a month later I became pregnant.


I found having tried other methods  this was non invasive and  the costs were so much less. The environment and support was so different, I really felt like this Doctor was the first Doctor that seemed to really genuinely care and manage my expectations. All the staff were so encouraging and supportive. I would 100% say to try  this first before trying other avenues because it’s so much less intrusive. Other methods put a lot of pressure on your body and also on your relationship. The team always follow up and help you through. I am so glad that I made that first appointment, I am so thankful to all the team for helping us to have Ted. I still can’t believe that nearly 4 years to the day after we started trying, Ted was born.

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