Perfect little baby girl following 6 miscarriages

Perfect little baby girl following 6 miscarriages


I suffered six miscarriages all ranging from seven to thirteen weeks.  Myself and my husband had all the routine checks done in our local hospital after my second miscarriage and they could find no reason as to why.  I had a scan done on my womb which showed that I had a slightly abnormal septum which should not cause miscarriage so I was told to go ahead and try again.  So I did, this time I got to thirteen weeks and I was sure I was going to make it only to have another miscarriage, this little baby developed, it was a little boy, we brought him home and buried him with my dad.  I will never forget it.


I was then sent to one of the Maternity hospitals in Dublin for further tests and again they could find no reason why and I was told to try again which I did, only to have another miscarriage.  Following that miscarriage my doctor in my local hospital put me on aspirin and injections for my next pregnancy only to have another miscarriage.  I then went to another maternity hospital for more investigations and there they decided to operate on my womb to see if it was the septum that was the cause, they removed it and I was told if it was the cause of the miscarriages then it was taken care of.  I felt very sure this must have been my problem and felt confident to try again which I did, only to have another miscarriage.  I felt this was the end of the road for me and by now I was almost forty.


Then a friend told me about a clinic in Sandyford which was supposed to have good success with all pregnancy problems so I rang and the doctor explained their Fertility Treatment and said that they had success with a woman who had nine miscarriages.  I was very impressed and decided to give it one more try.  We went along with the programme and now at the age of forty one I have a perfect little baby girl. We can never thank these doctors enough and I only wish someone had told us about this approach years ago and maybe I could have avoided all the pain and heartache.

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