Recurrent Miscarriage

Recurrent Miscarriage


This is the baby we never thought we would be holding.


After having recurrent miscarriage six times, God finally answered our prayers.  We had been to doctors in Dublin, Galway, Sligo and London.  Not one of these doctors could find any problems.   I was told I was producing “gluggers” (egg with no yolk) and was sent home by one doctor.  We were told by another doctor to go home, buy a bottle of wine and keep at it!  We were told by another doctor to use a Sperm Donor.  We didn’t want to be sent home anymore.  We needed someone to stand up and genuinely try to help us.  None of them seemed to care.  We felt very isolated and brushed under the mat.  One day last January  I received a clipping from a newspaper about Dr. Boyle's Treatment Programme from my friend.  What the hell – I’ll call, what’s one more doctor?  We got an appointment straight away.   We started on the programme at the very first appointment.  Five months later we were expecting our little angel.  The whole team were most professional and caring.   They really do want to help you.  They understood our anxiety and our pain.

The programme is exceptional.  It leaves no stone unturned.  The backup support is fantastic.  My little boy is proof in the making.  Not enough people know about this type of treament.  A friend of mine is in the programme and is four months pregnant.  It may not work for everyone but people should at least know it is on option.


We are the happiest couple in Ireland.  We know only too well the heartache, anguish, strain and loneliness of miscarriage.  But we never gave up.

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