We started trying for a baby soon after we got married. My cycles had become long and unpredictable and nothing was happening. A scan showed that I had polycystic ovaries (PCOS). A gynaecologist prescribed clomid but it really didn’t suit me. At this stage we had been trying for about 18 months and were upset and anxious. A friend suggested we should try Neo. Luckily a cancellation meant we could see a Neo Doctor that week.  The Neo team were so understanding and thorough. Firstly the Doctors worked on my general health. Finally we had found a Doctor who was interested in looking at our fertility in a holistic way. I was tested for food intolerance and went off dairy, eggs and caffeine. My adrenal health was addressed and most importantly treatment given to aid ovulation. After less than 6 cycles we were pregnant! It was a very healthy happy pregnancy with no complications. We had a baby boy in 2011. We returned to Neo sometime after he was one year old. Again I was treated until I was ovulating and feeling healthy and we became pregnant within another 9 cycles. We had a baby girl in 2013 . Throughout this period of my life the Neo team were a constant source of support and reassurance to us.


I would recommend Neo as a first option for anybody trying for a baby. Several of our close friends have conceived using Neo on our recommendation. In one cases where IVF had sadly repeatedly failed.


Carmel and Damian had two babies with Neo. A son born in 2011 and a daughter born in 2013.

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