My name is Conor. I had been married to Jessica for 3 years and we wanted to start a family. When we had been trying for 2 years I got a semen analysis checked in my local hospital assuming everything would be okay. I never thought that male factor subfertility would be an issue.


The result was not what I expected and I was told I had “severe oligoasthenospermia”. Our hopes for a family were dashed. My sperm count at that stage was less than 1 million per ml. We got two more tests done but the results were similar. Jess then heard about a clinic taking a different approach to other fertility clinics. We had nothing to lose and their treatment approach sounded pro-active, so we decided to attend.

After the first visit, I started on 2 medications, one of which was an antibiotic and 2 supplements. I also stopped taking caffeine and alcohol. The plan was for me to get a repeat semen analysis after 12 weeks of treatment. I also got some blood tests done.


Unfortunately the repeat semen analysis wasn’t any better. I had another appointment with the doctor and after that I commenced injectable medication three times a week.

To our shock we conceived just 3 cycles into the treatment. Our beautiful little girl was born in 2011. We went on to have another pregnancy and our son was born in 2013.

I am so grateful for our family and for the work that Dr. Boyle and his team do.


*Names changed

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