Combined Female & Male Factor Infertility

Combined Female & Male Factor Infertility


Here is a nice update from a recent pregnancy scan we did ……..J and M, both aged 36 had been trying to have a baby since 2010 without success. Investigations found combined female and male factor infertility. She had low AMH and reduced ovarian reserve and responded poorly to IVF which had not been successful for 2 previous attempts. His semen analysis was poor with a previous count of 1.5 million per ml, 20% motility, 3% normal morphology. DNA Fragmentation index was 32%.


They started treatment with the practice in July 2014 and had a positive pregnancy test after just 4 cycles of treatment.


We had a perfect scan today with a normal sized embryo, a clear strong heart beat of 150/min and excellent hormones. It is likely this will be a healthy pregnancy. 

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