Ben & Anita

Ben & Anita


Anita and I got married in December 2007 and started trying for a family from January 2008. We had various investigations done including a semen analysis and we were told natural conception would not be an option for us because of male factor subfertility. My sperm count ranged from 0.2 million – 9 million. We attempted ICSI on 2 occasions but it was not successful.


We then heard about Neo Fertility and decided to try this route. We first attended the clinic in November 2011. I started on antibiotics for 3 weeks to treat a suspected chronic infection and I also started taking supplements. Anita was found to have low progesterone and was commenced on Follicle stimulating treatment and medication to help ovulation.


My repeat semen analysis hadn’t improved and I had an ultrasound to check for a varicocele which was found and embolised in February 2012.


By April 2012 we were pregnant!  Our daughter was born in November and we conceived again very quickly afterwards. We now have 2 beautiful girls and we couldn’t be happier.


*names changed

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