Baby Laura – Low AMH

Baby Laura – Low AMH


Low AMH, high oestrogen and low progesterone


We had been trying to get pregnant for four years, after two years of trying we had no success. When we started to contact the clinic in Sandyford and it was discovered that I had high oestrogen, low progesterone, Low AMH and issues with my thyroid  any thyroid antibodies. In December 2012 it was then discovered that I had Endometriosis and a septum in my womb. I had two procedures in December 2012 and January 2013 to remove those problems, after which I took 6/7 weeks to heal. I began my treatment again at the end of March and I found out I was pregnant on in 26th of April 2013. This was one of the happiest moments in our lives. My progesterone levels were low during the pregnancy so my bloods were done weekly. The clinic really took such good care of me. My progesterone level remained on the low during the pregnancy and I remember my Doctor calling me on a Friday evening to discuss them and to arrange to increase my medication and one Sunday morning just checking to see how I was. I felt they were there for me no matter what. One of the best moments was my first scan at 7 weeks and the heartbeat was present, it was so personal, the doctors and staff gave us so much time, we even recorded the heartbeat, something that we will have forever.The doctor always went above and beyond what he had to do.


What I found so amazing about this type of treatment was the fact that the Doctor aims to find the problem and fix the problem. Each person is an individual case, no one person is the same. Through treatment we were a couple with a dream that they made come true. My husband was also so included, it really looks at you as a couple and brings you closer together. I would recommend this clinic to anybody, we had so many odds stacked against us, We really didn’t think anything was going to work for us and it did.

Our baby Laura was born in January 2014. If we decided to try for another baby we would go straight back we wouldn’t consider anything else.


Aine and Mathew had baby Laura in January 2014.

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