Baby Elizabeth

Baby Elizabeth


Baby Elizabeth was born in 5th June 2013.


Before I started treatment I had been trying for a baby for 7 years.  I hadn’t heard about it when my GP told me about it. At this stage I had done four rounds of IVF treatments. We started our first round of IVF September 2011 I really thought it would work. I tried everything from Ovulation sticks and taking my temperature.  After the IVF My body was exhausted after all of it, and the sadness I felt, when it didn’t work was indescribable.


I was 12 months into treatment when I conceived.  The whole process was non invasive and you are learning so much about your body. At the time I thought I was well, fit and in good health. But In  terms of getting to know how your own body even works was really important. For example my Doctor did everything possible to ensure my body wasn’t putting energy into producing antibodies or fighting infections that all my bodies energy was focused on achieving pregnancy. I also got down to a healthy BMI. I was on various medication I was on for my thyroid to make sure it was working at its optimum and I regularly took bloods to monitor my progesterone levels to help maintain the pregnancy. I also took some medication to boost my egg production. Charting your cycle makes it very easy to know what day to take different medication in a very targeted way. It is tailored to suit you based on your chart and on your bloods, sculpted to suit the individual women with the aim get her in peak condition for fertility and to get your body ready for pregnancy. For example my Doctor measured and tracked the size of your follicles in the early part of the cycle with a view to directing me to take specific medication which would trigger ovulation on that day that my follicles were healthy. I had to be very careful once we conceived and my doctor really helped me through  the first 12 weeks.


I have recommended the clinic to friends. My advice would be to do this first and give it a chance, stick with it. I’m so glad I didn’t give up. So be patient and persevere.

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