Baby Calum - Blocked Tube

Baby Calum - Blocked Tube


We had been trying for a baby for 3.5 years. Just when we had started to lose hope  we had heard of Dr. Boyle's clinic through another acquaintance who had success. We were will interested and we decided to give it a try.


I had already another treatment scheduled for November 2012. We were advised to have the treatment and continue with treatment. I had a laparoscopy which found a blocked tube on my right side. When I got this news I was very thankful that I had already started treatment because the hospital didn’t give me many options or hope. We left the hospital feeling very disheartened. Thankfully our Doctor gave us hope and within the first month we conceived.


After being told by the hospital that there wasn’t a lot they could do it was amazing that we conceived so quickly. I started charting my cycle. I also changed my diet cutting back on caffeine, diet coke and wine. My bloods were also monitored closely to check on my hormone levels.  I still find it hard to believe that Calum is here. I remember the day I was going on maternity leave. After trying to conceive for 3.5 years I had almost given up. I had gotten used to laughing off peoples comments and remarks about why we hadn’t a baby. Just when I thought there was no hope, I realised that  I was pregnant. Calum was born 25th October 2013. The pregnancy itself was plain sailing. I stayed with the clinic throughout the pregnancy. They kept a really close eye on me. I was taking cyclogest during the pregnancy which really helped with my hormone levels. They really kept such a close eye on me.  The level of care is just amazing, down to getting calls out of office hours with updates or support. Action is always taken straight away.  I’m so glad I tried this before anything else. I had to put Calum in his high chair for the first time yesterday, it really is amazing. Anyone who is having trouble conceiving I would send them straight to Dr. Boyle's clinic because the thoroughness, the care, the professionalism and how pro-active and straight forward everything is. The care is so personal, I have heard with other more invasive and expensive methods that you can be just another medical record number. This approach is just so different. From our very first consultation we felt like we were taking action and we had  plan. I will certainly be going back for baby number two!


Brona and Gary had baby Calum on the 25th October 2013

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