Advised ICSI

Advised ICSI


Myself and David had been married 3 years whilst trying for a baby.  When we were both aged 38, we went to our GP who sent us for investigations to assess our fertility.  Following numerous tests we were told it was highly unlikely that we would ever conceive without the use of IVF.  Following almost another year of hospital investigations, at a cost of almost 7000 euro, we were then told that ICSI would be our only hope of conceiving as David had a morphology count of less than 3%.  Before I was due to commence my IVF medication I got a cancellation appointment to see Dr. Boyle to assess our suitability for the his programme.  Following our appointment we decided that we would put IVF on hold and try this programme for a year.  It made sense to us as it looked at a couple as a unit and not whether one or the other had ‘problems’.  Through our investigations we also discovered that I had a very low progesterone level, which was monitored monthly.


We started our first course of medication early July and we were pregnant by the end of July. Naturally we were overjoyed and I gave birth to our first son Oscar the following April.  When Oscar was 9 months old we decided to use Neo again and very surprisingly we conceived our second son Naoise within a month of treatment.  We had a third son and then in 2015 suffered a late miscarriage at 21 weeks with the loss of our beautiful baby girl Fiadh.  We went back to Dr. Boyle's clinic and are currently expecting again and due in October 2016.  Our three sons are proof that this treatment works.  We have recommended it to many of our friends who have also conceived through the programme.


It’s unfortunate that not enough people know about this clinic especially within the medical community, as it uses natural methods  to overcome infertility.  We feel that this decreases the financial, emotional and physical stress that infertility can place on a couple.  We would definitely recommend this treatment as a first choice if a couple are trying to conceive and experiencing difficulty.

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