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Dr. Phil Boyle MRCGP, CFCMC

In a perfect world couples wishing to conceive could do so at will, as often and quickly as desired and have perfectly healthy babies all of the time. They would never have a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, premature delivery or a child with special needs. They could plan their family size confidently with optimum gynaecological and general health. Pre-menstrual syndrome, excessive body hair, low libido and irregular cycles would be a thing of the past and breast and gynaecological cancers would see a new downward trend………oh to have gynaecological utopia! Could modern science ever deliver on such a wish list?

Well “No” is the short answer. There will always be some pain and disappointment in this aspect of human existence ….. but there is a quiet revolution in gynaecological health care that promises to deliver (excuse the pun!) on most of these levels over the coming years. Neo Fertility enhances natural conception using a restorative approach to reproductive medicine which discovers the underlying causes of infertility, miscarriage and gynaecological ill health. Using a combination of the most advanced medical and surgical techniques, gynaecological well-being and procreative health are restored.

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