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Is Neo for us?

At Neo Fertility, we provide an alternative option to IVF for couples with fertility problems. To date over 3000 Irish couples have achieved successful pregnancies after years of infertility, repeated miscarriage and previously failed IVF. Couples with up to 17 years of infertility, up to 8 previously failed IVF attempts or 10 miscarriages have all achieved success through our practice.

Additionally, many couples who have no history of fertility problems attend our clinic prior to attempting conception. We can identify biomarkers which indicate increased risk of miscarriage and infertility before conception is attempted. Once these problems are identified we can optimise the pre-conception environment and help couples achieve a successful outcome.

Neo Fertility specialises in providing treatment to assist with natural conception.  We do not combine our treatment with donor gametes (sperm or egg).  

We have a professional team of doctors and support staff to assist you throughout your fertility journey. We carefully evaluate each individual and target medical and surgical treatment as needed to achieve optimum fertility for both men and women. Conception occurs through normal intercourse without IUI or IVF as part of our treatment plan.

During treatment with Neo Fertility – we consider Hormone, Immune, Infectious and dietary factors as well as the state of your “heart and mind” while trying to conceive. We “Normal-Stimulate” your cycle which is good news for women – achieving safer pregnancies and healthier babies.

For more information browse through our website and contact us using the form below or call (01) 2933816.

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